Model-Based Testing (MBT) / App. Ex. 2

MBAT Automotive Use Case 7 “Hybrid Powertrain Control”: this pattern is used in its scenario 5 “Model-based test case generation”.



Vocabularies used (for data exchange):

– OSLC-RM (Requirements Management)

– OSLC-AM (Architecture Management)

– OSLC-QM (Quality Management)

Requirements encapsulation:

– OSLC RM instances of type Requirement

– linked via “validatedBy” to TestCase

System model encapsulation:

– OSLC AM instance of type Resource

– extended by “validatedBy”, “systemDefinitionFile”

– refined by “SystemDefinition” type (to access the meta data from service provider services)

Test cases encapsulation:

– OSLC QM instance of types TestCase and TestScript

– linked via “validatedSystemDefinition” to SystemDefinition

– linked via “validatesRequirement” to Requirement

Verdicts encapsulation:

– OSLC QM instance of type TestResult

– generated by Test Automation through analysis of TestScripts and scripts produced during test execution

Tool-chain integration upon OSLC: