Co-simulation based V&V / App.Ex.1

ENABLE-S3 / Use Case 1 “Highway Pilot” (OSI demonstrator): The pattern has been applied using the following tools and models:

(1) Development of simulation units
xxx– Sensor model (FMU)
xxx– Vehicle dynamics (VSM)
xxx– ADAS function: ACC (FMU)
xxx– ROS visualization node (ROS)
(2) Development of environment model based on scenario
xxx– Tool: VTD
(3) Co-simulation scenario setup
xxx– Create co-simulation scenario
xxxxxx– Create functional blocks
xxxxxx– Connect outputs with inputs of functional blocks
xxx– Select concrete model from Model.CONNECT (model repository) for functional blocks
(4) Co-simulation execution
xxx– Start co-simulation in Model.CONNECT
xxx– Model.CONNNECT invokes all functional blocks and controls the simulation